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Njord Vatn Case for Airpods Pro SL14081

Njord Vatn Case for Airpods Pro SL14081

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Finally, a lid that sticks!

The cases for AirPods Pro are a two-piece comfortable soft touch TPU construction, wrapped with our beautiful Icelandic Salmon Leather giving a smooth and unique refined tactile feel. Keep your AirPods Pro safe in style while adding drop and scratch protection.

Works with wireless chargers.

Works with Any Wireless Charger

Works with Any Wireless Charger! The NjorĂ° Airpods Pro cases add only 2,2mm thickness and therefore work with any Qi-Compliant wireless charger. Even works well with the Apple MagSafe Charger!

Craftsmanship meets Precise Engineering

Finally a lid that sticks! Precise engineering allowed us to make this perfect fit minimalistic two-piece construction. With a lid that sticks.

The Salmon Leather inlay is cut accurately to seamlessly fit the protective TPU body and the Airpods Pro cases are handcrafted with passion. Since Genuine Salmon Leather is a natural material and no two salmons are same, each case is unique!

Premium Icelandic Salmon Leather

NjorĂ° byELEMENTS accessories feature the best premium quality materials in the market. Produced in Iceland with 0-Carbon Footprint, Salmon Leather, the sustainable and ethical choice for premium exotic leathers! Smooth and refined to the touch with a distinguishing appearance, salmon leather is sustainable, socially responsible and produced environmentally friendly.

>NjorĂ° Salmon Leather

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