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Robosen K1 Interstellar Scout UK

Robosen K1 Interstellar Scout UK

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  • Experience the future of family entertainment with the Interstellar Scout K1 Series from Robosen. This next-gen bipedal humanoid robot, including K1 and K1 Pro models, offers an exciting blend of education and fun, thanks to high-precision servo joints, voice-activation, and programmable actions.
  • Robosen’s K1 robot mimics human-like movement, creating an immersive play experience. It's powered by adaptive control algorithms, enabling bipedal gait stabilization and a wide range of movements through high-precision servo motors.
  • Unlock the power of voice control with the K1 series. Our robots recognize up to 80+ pre-installed voice commands, offering an immersive, hands-free interaction that takes your experience beyond traditional screen-based entertainment.
  • Our robots encourage learning while having fun. They offer manual programming for hands-on creation and block-based programming to develop logical thinking skills. Plus, our intuitive app makes it easy to control your robot and discover custom actions.
  • The K1 exudes quality and style with it's Aluminium alloy frame. Featuring a sleek minimalist design and a stunning Pure White finish. This lightweight yet durable robot is perfect for exploratory play and futuristic fun.
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