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Robosen K1 Pro Interstellar Scout

Robosen K1 Pro Interstellar Scout

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K1 PRO is a new concept in science and technology. Weighing just 0.94 kg, it is a light, convenient, free-walking bipedal humanoid robot. With high-precision flexible servo joints and programmable options, K1 PRO can perform stunts and other actions based on voice commands. Its voice and motion customization is a fun and educational experience for all.

Robosen's bipedal algorithm simulates a human-like gait that breathes life into the K1 PRO's natural flexibilities. High-level adaptive control algorithms include high-dimensional movements via 17 high-precision servomotors controlled by 40 self-developed microchips. With over 1700+ components, the K1 PRO's cutting-edge technology allows it to walk freely, dance to a beat, and tumble like a stunt performer.

K1 PRO is a minimalist-designed product made from aerospace-grade materials with quality coatings and a gunmetal gray matte finish, making for a fantastic gift.
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